Combat Depression in Kids!

These days many people are battling depression. The world is on fire, there is civil unrest, and oh yeah - we are doing our best to make our way through a terrifying pandemic. While we can feel helpless as adults, it is twice as overwhelming for our kids. There is a spike in the number of kids battling depression, and while the reason seems obvious, solutions can be far more difficult to find.

And yet! There is a time tested and clinically proven solution to battling depression that every kid can have access to - music. Engaging in music, whether simply through the voice with singing, or through playing a musical instrument, enhances moods, calms anxiety, and releases stress. According to this article in "Science Daily," music therapy not only reduces depression in kids, but it also boosts self-esteem. This is a major benefit to both adults and kids alike.

Here at Class Act Music Academy, we make it a priority to music easily accessible to kids of all ages, from pre-school through high school. We believe that all kids should have easy access to the mood enhancing, stress relieving, anxiety reducing, and confidence building effects of a good music education. CAMA offers a variety of group music classes in singing, piano, ukulele, and preschool music, while also offering private music lessons. The best news - all of these mood enhancing classes are offered virtually to remain a COVID-Safe activity all kids can enjoy!

So - help your kid feel good and have fun during these stressful times. Sign them up for virtual music class today!

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